Monday, June 24, 2013

The Latest at Pretty Little Things

Made In The USA

Recital time again.  Time for Grace to be a star and show us how talented she is and knock  my socks off with all that she has learned in dance class.  Time for me to realize I have been breaking my neck to get her to class every week for very good reason.  Because she's awesome :)  That little girl has no idea how proud she makes me.  How I still remember how she smelled when she was a baby, how her skin felt and how we groomed her first curl on top of her head.  How there is nothing she could ever do to make me love her any more or any less. How she is already everything she needs to be for me. How she is a reflection of all that is true and good in me, because I made her.   Did I mention I am a proud momma?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Business . . .

On to business . . . my latest fave in my shop are aluminum cuff bracelets.  They are plain, simple and lightweight.  Adjustable and customizable of course with quotes, verses, lyrics . . . I heart.  Go check them out in my shop.

Last Day of 2nd Grade

Oh my.  Seems like i was just walking her into 3K.  Curls bouncing, attitude and smile all over the place.  She's still spunky but smart as a whip.  She's still strikingly beautiful and barely has those curls left.  I'm so proud i could burst . . . .

2nd Grade Awards Day

I'm not even gonna pretend I'm not behind. And I won't try to catch up. I will say around the time I stopped blogging my jewelry business took off, single mom life became single dating mom life and now it's halfway through '13 . . .  and my little girl is 8.  Scott and I went to her awards day this week where she proudly accepted her award for A Honor Roll.  "She's so awesome" ....that's what Scott always says about her. I tend to agree :)



And Then We Were "Three"

Scott Stewart came into our life in July 2011. I met him at the wedding of a friend. He was just there for ... A hunting trip as he would say. Well he caught me. Fast forward almost two years later, we are very attached to him and we both accepted his proposal of marriage on Wednesday, May 22, 2013.  He gave us both rings. I answered him very matter of factly because he has been asking me since we met .... I was ready I think :)

Splish Splash

An early Father's Day gift.

While the family was in town for the recital we tried to have a little family fun. We had a birthday lunch for memaw. Then we let the kids play in the sprinkler. On Sunday, we decided to avoid the crowds at Point Mallard and take the babies to Camp TC for a swim. What a fun weekend :)